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The effective date is the date your health insurance coverage should begin.

Please enter your Zip Code GHC-SCW does not offer coverage in the ZIP Code you’ve selected.

Please provide the zip code of your permanent residence. Permanent residence as it applies to service area means Dane County, Wisconsin. A member who resides outside of the Service Area is eligible for coverage provided his or her residence is located in contiguous counties to Dane County: Jefferson County, Green County, Lafayette County, Rock County, Richland County, Columbia County, Dodge County, Iowa County or Sauk County, Wisconsin.

Please select the county you live in GHC-SCW does not offer coverage in the County you’ve selected. GHC-SCW is licensed to sell health insurance in the following counties: Dane, Jefferson, Green, Lafayette, Rock, Columbia, Dodge, Iowa, Sauk, Adams, Juneau, Richland and Vernon.
Enter the zip code of your permanent residence. To receive a quote or to use our calculator to estimate your subsidy, the zip code entered must be within the service area of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin.

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