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    A broker/agent may receive direct or indirect commissions or compensation when you purchase or renew an individual insurance plan with GHC-SCW.
    Direct Compensation: For Members with coverage on or before 12/31/2019, an agent/broker may be paid $25/per member per month (PMPM). For Members with coverage on or after 1/1/2020, an agent broker may be paid $15/PMPM.
    Indirect Compensation: Agents/Brokers may be paid a quarterly bonus for GHC-SCW policies sold or renewed: $3/PMPM for 30-50 Members; $5/PMPM for 51-99 Members; $7/PPM for 100-199 Members; $10/PMPM for 200+ Members.
    GHC-SCW employed agents/brokers may receive indirect compensation calculated based upon the total number of individual policies sold.
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